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Can CCTV benefit me?

CCTV Brighton & Sussex Security Systems

At Asset Protect Solutions, we install a selection of CCTV security camera systems in Brighton and Sussex. According to a study carried out by the UK Home Office website, 82% of burglars will avoid premises that have visible CCTV systems in place. Using the specialist equipment we trust, we can build a secure CCTV system which meets your needs along with software and app’s that will enable you to remotely view your CCTV via the internet on laptops, tablet and mobile phones.

Please read below on the latest installation of CCTV Brighton and Sussex security systems. From top of the range HD IP cameras to high definition analogue cameras. All of our cameras are vandal proof and have built-in infrared, making them viewable at night or low light conditions.

IP cameras

An Internet Protocol camera (also known as IP cameras) is a top of the range surveillance camera. Unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, they can send and receive data via a computer network and the internet, meaning they’re ideal for getting surveillance in difficult places such as driveways, outbuildings and long distance places which would normally require digging up the floor to enable for cabling.

All of our IP cameras are high definition which will give you the best quality of images. Most IP cameras require a recording device. A network video recorder (NVR) will allow the footage to be safely stored in case of an incident. If you are unsure what package is best for you, contact our Sussex and Brighton CCTV security systems team for a free estimate today and we will work out what suits your needs.

Analogue HD

The technical name for Analogue HD is HD-SDI CCTV. It is the new most cost effective way of utilising an old analogue system but giving you HD quality images. Unlike IP CCTV that requires a Cat5 or a Cat6 enabling, HD-SDI allows us to use the existing coax cable from previous installs, so no new cabling is required which saves time and money. If you do not have an old analogue system, this does not mean you can’t benefit from the new HD-SDI CCTV systems in your home or business.

HD-SDI can sometimes work out cheaper than IP making it very useful for anyone working with a budget. Like IP cameras, HD-SDI cameras will require a recording device and a digital video recorder (DVR) which will allow that footage to be safely stored in case of an incident. Contact our Sussex or Brighton CCTV security systems team for a free estimate today and we can work with you to find what you need.


Covert Cameras

Hikvision-DS-AudioAlarm | CCTV Sussex & Brighton Security Systems

Covert cameras can be used as a vital tool in the home or workplace. For example, if you suspect someone is stealing from your premises and you’re finding it hard to catch them in the act or maybe you know it’s them but need proof, covert cameras are an ideal tool. With our wealth of experience in dealing with these situations, we can arrange with you the best time to come in and fit one or more cameras in your home or business.

The camera lens is no biggest than a pen lid, so these cameras can be inserted into many locations such as smoke detectors, clocks, ornaments and pretty much anywhere you can think of. They don’t need a recorder as they have a built-in SD card which makes them virtually impossible to spot. The only thing they require is power and depending on the location, they can be accessible live from a remote viewing software (i.e. phones, laptops & tablets).

The video below shows some of the excellent features of the convert camera.

Covert Video

CCTV Business Tools

In the CCTV world, there are many ways that CCTV systems can help your business other than crime prevention, making it the most vital tool you can invest in. Here is a list of other features we can incorporate into the day-to-day running of our business by using CCTV:

  • 360 degree fish-eye cameras
  • Number plate recognition
  • People tracking/counting
  • Face recognition
  • Heat mapping
  • Analysis reports
  • Gender reports and data counting

For more information and some examples of the benefits of the above features please watch the following video. 

Business Management System

Multipurpose Cameras

Built-in-mic-cam | Sussex & Brighton CCTV Security Systems

We understand that in some rare occasions video is not enough. Some of our cameras have a microphone and speaker capability which can easily be adapted to be able to record sound with built-in two-way speech and video, these can be extremely useful for homes and businesses.

With onboard SD storage capability, supporting up to 128gig storage space. They are both waterproof and vandal resistant, also, they are available with built-in WIFI making them one of the most robust, multipurpose IP cameras on the market. Contact our CCTV Brighton and Sussex security systems team today for a free estimate.


PTZ Camera | CCTV Security Systems Brighton & Sussex

PTZ camera stands for pan, tilt and zoom. They are normally associated with being a “moveable camera” and can be controlled via special equipment such as special keywords, joysticks and an app that you control on your phone.

Available as IP only they have many features, one very useful feature is auto tracking. This means the PTZ is programmed to follow movement in a specified area, so if an intruder were to walk onto your premises, the PTZ would track the person’s movement and zoom in on their face to give you a close image. To get a free estimate regarding our PTZ cameras, contact our CCTV Brighton and Sussex security systems team.

Hybrid Recorders

hikvision-ds-7204hfi | CCTV Security Camera Sysems Sussex & Brighton

There are many different types of recorders all of which vary in storage space, quantity of camera inputs and recording resolution. As mentioned before, most recorders are relevant to the camera of choice. For instance, an IP camera would need an NVR to record the feed. However, you may have an old analog system running on coax cables and would like to upgrade the original analog cameras to high definition and add some additional IP cameras.

Before Hybrid recorders, the only way to do this would be to have two separate systems (which will make it expensive). Hybrid recorders however, allow you to have both systems integrated into one. Depending on the quantity of camera inputs you require, hybrid recorders have an equal amount of analog and IP inputs.

We understand this can sound very confusing, but if you have any questions please contact our CCTV security camera systems Brighton and Sussex team. Needless to say, that Asset Protect Solutions are one of the leading companies for residential remote security in Sussex and Brighton.

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