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We provide and install a fantastic selection of intercom security systems in Brighton and Sussex. Intercoms are a very useful tool for both businesses and homes, they allow you to speak and sometimes see someone who is trying to gain access to your premises, giving it an extra layer of protection.

Videx is one of the leading manufacturers of Intercom products in the UK. They have rapidly expanded with products for both the private and public sectors and are a Secure by Design Door Entry & Access Control Member Company with their range of products tested to STS202 BR2 Level of Burglary Resistance.

Videx Audio Kits

videx audio kits | Brighton and Sussex Intercom Security Systems

Videx has a number of audio kits from 1 button to 12 buttons, including a number of finishes and styles. Audio kits normally consist of an entrance panel, telephone and a power supply. Some kits can incorporate additional features such as coded access or proximity tag access. For more information on different kits, contact our Brighton and Sussex intercom security systems team.

Videx Video Kit

videx video kit | Sussex & Brighton Intercoms Security Systems

Videx video kits are available in both mono and colour as well as a variety of entrance panels and video phone styles. Their video kit range is one of the most comprehensive in the industry which offers many features normally found in high end systems. Features such as timed piracy, intercommunication between phones and handsfree speech are also available. For more information regarding the different kits we can install, contact our Sussex and Brighton intercom security systems team.

For more information please watch the Videx video below

Videx Video

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