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Can CCTV Benefit me?

CCTV can be a huge benefit to anyone wishing to protect their home or business premises. By using this equipment, we can build a system which meets your requirements including a software and app which enables you to remotely view your CCTV via your phone, laptop or the internet. At Asset Protect Solutions, we install a fantastic selection of CCTV security systems in Brighton and Sussex. The following products are an example of the latest HD CCTV equipment we have.

IP Cameras

An internet protocol camera also known as IP is the latest top quality surveillance camera. Unlike analogue closed circuit televisions (CCTV) cameras, they can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. They are ideal for getting surveillance in difficult places such as driveways, out buildings and long distant places which would normally require digging up the floor to enable for cabling. We are able to install our HD IP cameras in your business or home premises if you’re unsure about our package contact our team today.

Analogue HD

Analogue HD’s technical name is HD-SDI CCTV. It is the new most cost effective way of utilising an old analogue system but gives you HD quality images. Unlike the IP and CCTV camera which require Cat5 or Cat6 cabling, the HD-SDI allows us to use the existing coax cable from previous installs which means it saves you time and money. Our analogue HD systems are easy to install in your business or home premises, contact us today for a free estimate.

For more information regarding our Sussex and Brighton CCTV security systems, click on the link.

Intruder alarms are a vital home security tool. Not only will they give you a peace of mind that you can go about doing your business in the knowledge that your property is protected, but it also alerts you in the event of someone trying to gain access to your premises. At APS, we aim to work with you to build an alarm package which meets your security needs. If would like to know more information about our latest intruder alarm systems, contact us today.  

Why Go Wireless?

Going wireless is the most cost-effective and hassle-free installation to have. Wireless alarm equipment can be installed with minimum damage to your property. In the past, you would have had to pull out the carpet or chase out a wall to install an alarm which would make a mess. With the wireless system, it can be installed anywhere in your home or business with ease and with our exquisite selection of alarm equipment, we can cater to your individual security needs.

Risco Group

Risco is an extremely well-respected manufacturer in the security industry. They design high quality and reliable intruder alarm systems for residential and commercial premises. Also, they aspire to provide customers with the top of the range security management solutions. 


Pyronix is a market leading manufacturer of products and technologies in the security industry. With a top quality range of products, the multi-award winning Enforcer panel delivers a high quality and ease of installation for a wireless system.

Click on the following link to read more about our intruder alarm systems in Sussex and Brighton.

Access control systems are ideal for businesses. It allows you to control entry into or within buildings through controlling doors, revolving doors, turnstiles, gates and barriers. These doors are opened usually through the use of entering a code into a keypad, presenting a key fob or swiping a card. When purchasing an access control system from Asset Protect Solutions, we are able to install it and use your fingerprint, palm or facial recognition.

If you have a big business with lots of employees, cutting keys for each person will be very expensive. Electronic access control replaces key based systems with key card which can be programmed to allow access to specific areas of your business. Also, it creates a log of who’s in the building, what time they arrived and when they left.

The key card can be added to the system with ease and programmed to give the card holder access to all or specific areas of your business. In the past with key based systems, it can be extremely worrying if someone misplaces a key. With our access control system, the key cards can be deleted from the system with minimum fuss.

For more information about our access control systems in Sussex and Brighton, click on the link.


It is important to understand the law when it comes to fire and safety in the workplace, failing to do so could result in you being fined or sent to prison. Property owners, landlords, occupiers of businesses and other non-domestic premises are responsible for fire and safety drills. Also, it applies to people who run a bed and breakfast, guesthouse or let a self-catering property. They are known as the ‘responsible person’.

If you’re unaware of the fire and safety regulations or would like to discuss the packages we can provide, click on the following link to read more information about our intruder alarms in Sussex & Brighton.

Once a decision has been made to purchase a fire or security system, you might forget about having it regularly maintained or what happens if it goes wrong. We can ensure all installations are packaged with annual preventative maintenance ensuring ongoing response to the system after the warranty period expires. Whatever system you have, this means that you’re guaranteed a response from our emergency engineer service should you need it.

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